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AER Alpha Acoustic Guitar Amp

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The AER Alpha acoustic guitar amp is perfect for the solo guitarist with its clear, punchy, acoustic tone. AER is known for delivering the true, un-hyped sound of your guitar. With its second XLR combo input, it can also accommodate a mic or second guitar.

40 Watts plus the 8“-twin-cone speaker-system provide plenty of volume in a tiny, lightweight (just over 6 lbs.) cube. To call it inconspicuous would almost be an overstatement. 

3-band EQ and reverb offer plenty of tone control. The back panel also offers DI out, line out, effects loop, tuner out, footswitch input and a headphone out for silent practice.

Why We Like The AER Alpha

In true German fashion, AER offers precision-designed products. Function before form—but what they do, they do exceptionally well. The Alpha delivers great acoustic sound, very true, with exceptional clarity. Any AER amp is an investment, but it will definitely deliver the goods.

The brilliant acoustic guitarist Tommy Emmanuel plays an AER, and we can't think of a higher endorsement.


  • CH1: XLR combo input switchable for mic or inst 
  • CH2: 1/4" unbalanced input for inst.
  • Subsonic filter, Adaptive peak limiter
  • Built in reverb
  • Includes Effects loop, Headphone out, tuner out, Line out and DI out,
  • Headphone out mutes internal speaker
  • Parallel effects loop
  • Footswitch input
  • 6.2 lbs / 
  • 10 1/4" H x 10 1/2" W x 9 1/4" D


  • Combination XLR male and 1/4" inch input with individual gain knob

  • Line/mic preamp mode selector switch line: sources with line level, instruments with active preamplifiers and magnetic sound pick-ups, mic: symmetrical microphone input with 24V phantom source

  • 1/4" input 2 line level with individual gain knob

  • Pad switch to adjust input sensitivity up position: standard line level down position: reduction by 10 db/V

  • LED Clip overload indicator for both channels

  • Color mid-range contour filter, only active for input 2

  • Bass, middle, treble, effect return and master levels for both inputs

  • One LED

  • Phones: headphone output

  • Line-out: preamplifier output post-master control

  • DI-out: XLR output pre master control effect loop mono, parallel send: output, to input of an external device

  • Return: input, from output of an external device or from another signal source, e.g. CD player

  • Footswitch: connection to a double foot switch-to-switch internal and external effect on and off

  • Power: combined mains switch with a mains socket and a fuse holder (1 a slow-blow)

  • Accessory: 3/8" microphone stand adapter

  • Carrying bag