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Rivera Venus Deux 1x12 25-Watt Guitar Amplifier

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Rivera Venus Deux


The Rivera Venus Deux is a 25-watt Class AB amplifier that  leans heavily toward the Southern California clean-combo style. Built to deliver both tone and headroom, the Venus Deux is excellent with pedals - actually, it's built pretty much for pedals.


The Venus Deux's single-channel runs 2 x 6V6s through a single Custom Rivera 12" speaker. The speaker's tone definitely leans toward the Celestion family.


You'll get plenty of sweet blackface spank with great touch-sensitivity and clarity. The 3-band EQ (Bass, Mid and Treble) offers an unusually wide range of tone shaping, and there is also a pull Bright and a pull Notch feature. 


The Fat (pull) function on the Focus knob enhances even-order harmonics for a smoother type of edge, while the Notch (pull) on the Middle control enhances its Blackface-style personaity. For pedal-pushers looking for flexibility, headroom, and more than a nod to blackface combo tones, the Venus Deux puts it all together.  

  • Presence and Reverb controls
  • A vintage/modern half-power switch for 25-watt Class A operation 
  • "Focus" control to adjust the amplifier damping for a looser/tighter sound 
  • Extension speaker jack and adjustable output impedance from 4-16 ohms 
  • Heavy-duty footswitch for reverb on/off




Speaker(s):              Custom Rivera 12"  

Wattage:                     25 watts Class A

Power Tubes:            2 x 6L6GC

Preamp Tubes:         5 x 12AX7

Controls:                    High-gain and Low-gain inputs

- Channel One:         Gain1 (pull SELECT), Bass, Middle, Treble, Master (pull BOOST)

- Channel Two:         Gain2, Treble (pull Bright), Middle (pull NOTCH), Bass; Reverb, Focus Presence;

Rear Panel:                2 speaker outs; impedance-selector; ground lift

FX Loop:                     Yes, w/ separate Return Level and Send Level controls

Cabinet:                      American Maple solid core plywood  

Finish:                         Black faceplate/ Black Tolex/ Vintage blonde grille cloth

Weight:                       48.5 lbs.

Dimensions:              20.75” W x 17.5” H x 12” D 

Footswitch:               3-button / Channel switching/Gain boost

Cover /Casters:       -