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G. Gould GGi5 5-String Bass - Blue-Green Quilt

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G. Gould GGi5 5-String Bass — Blue-Green Quilt

This GGi5 features a premium quilted maple top over a  lightweight swamp ash body. The color is spectacular (stare into it long enough and you might start seeing mermaids and other aquatic life).

The active electronics package features EMG X pickups through a EMG-BTS EQ system (EMG-CSX humbucker bridge pickup and a proprietary EMG-CSX-GG single-magnet humbucker in the neck, custom designed for G. Gould). Controls are Volume, Blend, and separate active Bass and Treble. The 18V power supply offers more headroom and sonic range. 

The full-molded graphite/epoxy neck has a 24-fret phenolic fingerboard with plastic dots and a comfortable 35” scale. Tuners are black Gotoh Res-o-lites.The bass comes with a set of G.Gould Extra Long Scale Taper-Core strings—specifically designed for Gould's 35" 5-string basses. Great tone to match the gorgeous look. A deluxe soft-sided case is included.

There is a slight finish flaw on the horn, near the neck/body joint. We've tried to get it to show up in photos, but it doesn't—which tells you something about how not-bad it is. Feel free to inquire.

*If you’re not familiar with G. Gould, Geoff Gould is known as “the Godfather of Graphite.” As founder and president of Modulus Graphite, Geoff introduced the world to carbon fiber composite-neck basses. Now he’s crafting spectacular instruments with his eponymous G.Gould Music brand.


  • Quilted maple top 
  • Lightweight Swamp Ash body
  • Clear blue-green high-gloss finish
  • Full-molded graphite/epoxy neck
  • Phenolic  fingerboard
  • 35” scale, 24 frets
  • PLEK computerized fret mill
  • EMG X active pickups/electronics package
    • EMG-CSX-GG neck pickup (one magnet removed from CS humbucker for higher dynamic range)
    • EMG-CSX in in bridge position
    • EMG-BTS EQ
    • Master Volume/Blend/Bass/Treble controls
  • Black ABM aluminum bridge
  • Black Gotoh Res-O-Lite tuners
  • Black hardware
  • 18V power, Gotoh Quick-Change battery holder
  • G. Gould Custom blend taper core strings
  • Serial No.1368
  • 9.5 lbs.
  • Deluxe Gator soft case


Why We Like G. Gould Basses 

Our G. Gould basses turn heads. The workmanship is first-class; the finish and sound are outstanding; and Geoff’s innovative contributions to the bass world speak for themselves. These are custom instruments, in every sense. We’re proud to be one of just a few stores carrying this elite brand.