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> Guitars > Pedals > Distortion, Overdrive, Boost Pedals

Boost, gain, crunch, drive, overdrive, fuzz—by any name, if it makes your guitar louder and more aggressive, it's here.


We're still building this section, and have many more pedals here at the store. Please feel free to give us a call for more information.


NOTE: Because tone is so subjective, we limit our printed descriptions of pedals. Descriptions here are largely edited from manufacturers’ sites. Your ears and your budget are the best guide. We recommend everything we carry and encourage you to come take ‘em for a spin.  

Boss BC-2 British Combo Drive Pedal

Classic British AC-Style Combo Tone

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Overdrive Pedal

Warm, Tube Amp Overdrive Tones

Boss DN-2 Dyna-Drive Pedal

Responds to Your Picking Dynamics and Intensity

Boss DS-1X Distortion Pedal

High-Def Tone w/ Natural Compression

Boss MO-2 Multi-Overtone Pedal

3 Different Tone-Shaping Modes + Detune Option

Catalinbread Galileo 2.0

AC30 Treble-Boost Tones Inspired by Brian May

Catalinbread SFT

Emulates '70s-Era Ampeg Amps

Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff - Distortion w/ Top Boost

Additonal Top Boost Cotrol Lets You Cut Through

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food Distortion/Overdrive

From Transparent Boost to Defined Overdrive Tones

Fulltone 70BC Fuzz Pedal

Based on the Original Fuzz Face Pedal – Lots of Fuzz!


Fulltone Plimsoul Overdrive Pedal

Full-Range, 2-Stage Overdrive

Fulltone Secret Freq Overdrive Pedal

Narrow-Band Midrange Boost/Overdrive for Focused Lead Tone

Hotone Skyline Blues - Overdrive Pedal

 A Killer Little Overdrive Pedal

Hotone Skylne LiftUp - Clean Boost Pedal

Keeps Your Signal Clean While Raising the Volume

Mooer Black Secret - Distortion Pedal

"Ratty"-style Distortion Pedal with Vintage and Turbo Modes

Mooer Blues Crab - Blues Overdrive Pedal

Classic British Blues Overdrive Tones

Mooer Cruncher - High-Gain Distortion Pedal

Replicates Classic British Amp Tones

Mooer Flex Boost - Boost Pedal

Produces a Wide Range of Boost for Multiple Uses

Mooer Green Mile - Overdrive Pedal

Classic Overdrive Tones from Smooth to Crunchy 

Mooer Hustle Drive - Tube-Style Drive Pedal

Features 2 Gain Modes for Minimum/Maximum Boost Effect

Mooer Pure Boost - Clean Power Boost Pedal

Boosts Output with +20dB of Clean, Transparent Gain

Mooer Solo - High Gain Distortion Pedal

 Especially Suited for Solo Playing with 3 Distortion Modes

Mooer Triangle Buff - Classic Fuzz Tone Pedal

Vintage Fuzz Sounds with Modern Reliability