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'67 Dano - Black

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Dano '67  -  Black

There was a time when our parents would pay $29.95 for a guitar that looked like this, hoping it would satisfy our musical ambitions until we moved on to some loftier pursuit. The strings would be far enough off the fingerboard that we could use the thing to slice cheese and bologna, but we soldiered on, dreaming of someday owning a better guitar. And now, look—we're back where we started.

The Dano '67 resurrects the humble catalog favorites of yesteryear—only this time, it's a fine guitar, built for real players (albeit, those with a sense of nostalgia). The '67's offset body design takes the best of the Teisco/Harmony/Silvertone era and adds 21st-century lipstick pickups, volume and tone controls, and a very usable, intonateable bridge to deliver a kitschy-but-killer instrument. Seriously, these are the real deal.

This is Korean factory workmanship at its finest (we're not kidding) and every Dano is inspected and set up in the U.S. before delivery. We like ‘em—fun design, good sound and very affordable.


  • Offset body shape
  • 2 lipstick® pickups
  • Master volume, Master tone controls and 3-way pickup selector
  • Scale length: 25″
  • Pau ferro fretboard w/ 21 frets
  • Fully adjustable/intonatable 6-saddle bridge
  • Top-mounted stop tailpiece for easy string changes

Why We Like It

Danelectro guitars and basses have been around since the '50s, and the list of Dano players has included Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and many other greats. Lightweight construction, "lipstick" pickups and distinctive quack set them apart. Made overseas and finished in California, this newest generation of very affordable Danelectros are as quality as they are quirky. We love 'em.