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Fulltone Plimsoul Overdrive Pedal

  • Description

The Fulltone PlimSoul is a full-range, two-stage overdrive pedal.

  • Easily get softer, bluesey, compressed tones 
  • Second Stage adds firmer, crunchier, British output tube style Distortion 
  • LED glows brighter and dimmer depending on how distorted it is and how hard you're hitting it.
  • Touch sensitive
  • Cleans up with the guitar's volume control (even more than the OCD)

(Speaking of OCD, people ask "What's the comparison?" Easy answer: OCD has an honest flat EQ, won't change your amp's tone. PlimSoul has a gorgeous enhanced midrange and lower midrange—excellent to transform a combo into a Marshall-like lead machine.) 

  • Good with humbuckers as well as single coils
  • Plays nice with other pedals
  • Can blend both types of distortion, or ONLY soft-clipped or ONLY hard- clipped 
  • In a Nutshell: Extremely good Sustain/Feedback qualities, just the right amount of Mids, bottom, Great touch sensitivity, dynamics, and all those in-between shades available when you know how to use your guitar's volume control.


Why We Like Fulltone

Fulltone pedals probably show up on more studio players’ rigs than any other brand. They’re made by hand, using what Michael Fuller feels are the best-sounding components available. He’s a studio musician and tone junkie who won’t sell anything he won’t play. Consequently, his pro-level pedals are all first-rate.



NOTE: Because tone is so subjective, we limit our printed descriptions of pedals. Descriptions here are largely edited from manufacturers’ sites. Your ears and your budget are the best guide. We recommend everything we carry and encourage you to come take ‘em for a spin.