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Miktek DI-2 - Stereo Active Direct Box

  • Description

Miktek DI-2 - Active Direct Box 


The Miktek DI-2 lets you connect a STEREO Hi-Z audio signal (guitars, bass guitars, drum machines, keyboards, outboard signal processors, etc.) into a STEREO mixer or recorder.


The DI-2 enables you to tap off the signal from a guitar or bass and pass the signal from the THRU output to the amp without affecting the original sound—eliminating the need to mic the amplifier. 


With the DI-2’s active power supply, you can rely on an even frequency response. The OUTPUT connection cancels hums/buzzes, while leaving the original signal clean and pure. The DI-2 is also useful for connecting imbalanced signals such as DJ mixers, effects processors and keyboards to a main PA or recording mixer.


Power with either a single 9-volt battery or standard 48 volt phantom power. Whenever phantom power is present on the XLR cable (connected to the OUTPUT), the DI-2 will automatically disconnect the 9 volt battery and switch to phantom power.



  • Two 1⁄4” inputs 
  • Two 1⁄4 ”Thru outputs for linking the audio signal to an amplifier/recorder
  • Two Balanced XLR outputs to main mixer
  • Two PAD switches for attenuating each channel’s input signal
  • Two COMBINE switches for summing/combining the input and thru signals passively
  • GROUND LIFT button to detach the XLR jack ground from the DI-2 chassis
  • Battery compartment on bottom
  • Battery/Phantom switch