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Mooer Varimolo Tremolo Pedal

  • Description

Mooer Varimolo — 3-Mode tremolo Pedal


The Varimolo compact tremolo pedal offers a broad range of tremolo effects, with 3 trem modes:

  • Normal - Standard tremolo sound
  • Filter - Adds sweeping filter effect for more psychedelic trem sound
  • Variable - Creates rhythmic changes, based on original trem speed

Rate and Depth controls take you from warm-and-smooth pulse to staccato “helicopter” style stutters

Shape switch adjusts LFO wave shape from triangle to square 


All Mooer pedals feature True Bypass circuitry to eliminate signal loss when pedal is turned off.


NOTE: Because tone is so subjective, we limit our printed descriptions of pedals. Descriptions here are largely edited from manufacturers’ sites. Your ears and your budget are the best guide. We recommend everything we carry and encourage you to come take ‘em for a spin.