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Fulltone 70BC Fuzz Pedal


The Fulltone '70-BC is based on the original FuzzFace from around 1970 (very different from the ones with the same name being mass-produced currently.) 

  • '70-BC has two intentionally mismatched (for harmonic content) silicon transistors that snarl and spit—not for the meek! 
  • Ideal for older 4-input Marshall amps, it has much more FUZZ than the '69 Pedal and includes a Mid control for extra clarity and cut. Unruly, but warm.
  • With the "Fuzz" on 10, it rips—and you might get all sorts of oscillation and weirdness. 
  • Don't try using it with a wah-wah ... you can't (neither could Jimi) without it screaming and howling. 


Why We Like Fulltone

Fulltone pedals probably show up on more studio players’ rigs than any other brand. They’re made by hand, using what Michael Fuller feels are the best-sounding components available. He’s a studio musician and tone junkie who won’t sell anything he won’t play. Consequently, his pro-level pedals are all first-rate.



NOTE: Because tone is so subjective, we limit our printed descriptions of pedals. Descriptions here are largely edited from manufacturers’ sites. Your ears and your budget are the best guide. We recommend everything we carry and encourage you to come take ‘em for a spin.