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Radial PRO D2 - Stereo Passive DI Box



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Radial Pro D2 Stereo Passive Direct Box

The Radial Pro D2 is a pro-quality compact stereo passive direct box. This smart, 2-channel DI is designed for stereo keyboards, DJ equipment and guitars and priced .

The Pro D2 features a pair of custom-made transformers, engineered to handle high levels without saturation. Exceptionally linear from 20Hz-20kHz, the Pro D2 is the affordable choice for quality, stereo applications.


Radial Pro D2 Features

  • Standard 1/4” hi-Z inputs and thru-puts 
  • XLR outputs
  • -15dB input pads and ground-lift switches for each channel
  • Full range passive direct boxes 
  • Isolation transformer eliminates noise 
  • Very low harmonic and phase distortion 
  • Compact and rugged design 
  • Ideal for live sound and studio 
  • Balanced 600 Ohm out interfaces with professional snake systems and consoles 

Passive stereo direct box Dual proprietary transformer for impedance conversion and isolation Linear from 20Hz-18kHz Low distortion and zero phase distortion XLR input 1/4" thru/input -15dB pad Ground lift Protective front panel Heavy-duty construction Baked enamel finish 600ohm balanced output 3" x 5"