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Radial PRO RMP



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Radial Pro RMP Reamp Direct Box 


The Radial Pro RMP DI gives you creative control of recorded tracks by letting you send them back through amps or effects to manipulate the tone.

  • Play pre-recorded tracks through amps and pedals
  • On board level control lets you fine-tune amp level
  • Isolated transformer helps eliminates buzz and hum
  • Opens the door to creative new tones and textures

Reamping offers producers and engineers flexibility after the performer has left the studio. The process can work for guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and even voice as a means to bring creative new tones and sonic signatures to the mix.


Start by recording a clean track and capturing the best musical performance. You can now send the clean track back to any amp and/or effect and adjust the sound to suit. No more hours of repetition for the guitarist, no more rushed jobs due to scheduling, and no committing to the sound of the track. You can modify the tone later to fit the track as it progresses.


The Radial ProRMP is 100% passive—no external powering required. The custom-wound transformer converts the balanced line-level source to a hi-z output for your amp while also isolating and eliminating ground loops that can often cause buzz and hum. Plug-and-play easy to use, the ProRMP connects from the recorder to your amp and effects units, and does all the impedance matching for you. Just adjust the level to suit!


Additional Features:

  • 14 gauge steel enclosure with book-end design to protect switches and connectors
  • Internal I-Beam construction ensures minimal stress on the sensitive solder joints
  • Exceptional shielding against noise 
  • Full-bottom no-slip pad holds unit in place and eliminates electrical contact points that could cause ground loops


Why We Like It

If it says Radial, we know it’s well engineered and built to last. There’s less-expensive gear out there, but none better. Radial gear performs gig after gig, session after session, and you can expect years of service—which means our customers love them and we don’t see them coming back for repairs. We always like that.

The process is often used on guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, and even voice to create new textures