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Radial Stagebug SB-5 Laptop Stereo Passive DI



  • Description

SB-5 Stagebug Laptop Stereo Passive Direct Box


The Radial Stage Bug SB-5 is a compact, stereo direct box designed to accommodate laptop computers, tablets and other consumer audio products when amplifying the signal through a PA system. It’s a real asset for AV technicians, media managers or musicians who use a computer in performance.


The passive design features an integrated 5’ input cable from the headphone out. The strain-relieved cable is terminated with a standard 3.5mm (1/8") stereo connector to fit most computers or consumer audio devices. 


Inside, dual transformers lower the impedance and balance the signal for long cable runs—up to 300'. Transformers also help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. A ground lift switch is also included.


Output choices include a stereo set of 1/4" TRS jacks for full stereo operation or an XLR out that automatically sums the left-right program material to mono. A -15dB input pad is included for extra high output sources.



  • Passive stereo direct box for laptop computer
  • Integral 1.5m cable with sidewinder cleat
  • Transformer isolation eliminates noise
  • Ground lift switch
  • -15dB pad
  • Plug-and-play easy to use—no power required


Why we like it:

The Radial SB-5’s 1/8” connector cable makes it a breeze to go from the headphone out of your laptop, iPad or iPhone straight into a mixer or amp with line-level signal. Smart.


Plus, if it says Radial, we know it’s well engineered and built to last. There’s less-expensive gear out there, but none better. Radial gear performs gig after gig, session after session, and you can expect years of service—which means our customers love them and we don’t see them coming back for repairs. We always like that.