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Switchcraft SC900CT Instrument Direct Box w/ Phantom Lift



  • Description

SC900CT Instrument DI with Phantom Lift 


The 900 Series is a revolutionary new concept in DI technology. For the first time, the ground lift switch can be controlled remotely using +48V phantom power from the console.


The unit can be operated in two modes: 

  • Manual mode enables users to control the ground lift switch from the DI using the toggle switch.
  • Phantom mode allows users to control the ground lift switch remotely, using +48V phantom power from the console. When phantom power is engaged, an LED is illuminated, indicating that the ground is lifted. When phantom is turned off, the LED turns off, indicating that the DI is grounded.


Why We Like Switchcraft

Switchcraft has been around for a long time (since 1946), making parts in their Chicago plant. Their connectors and Dis are standards throughout the broadcast and audio industry. The demands of rock touring have led other companies to create newer formats, but the Switchcraft name still carries a lot of weight, and they still make excellent, reliable products.