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On the Road Again

Corner’s New Dickerson Road Location Is One Giant Opportunity


Back in 1982, Corner Music had barely been in business six years, but they were already growing out of their cramped Berry Hill closet and preparing to move into a bigger building. In those days, relocating to rough 12th Avenue seemed questionable. The neighborhood was a bit sketchy—still years away from its current hipster-ized, touristy glory—and customers wondered if this was Corner’s best move. 

Apparently, it was.

Being near Music Row and part of a booming local destination has been great for the business, and Corner has been a reliable anchor throughout the area’s revitalization. 12 South’s growth is admirable and Corner is proud to have been part of it. But 30-plus years later, the street’s trendy popularity, increased traffic and near-impossible parking make it tough for Corner’s core customers—Nashville’s world-famous musicians—to get through the crowds. And with the Row and its writing/production business becoming decentralized and distributed to every part of town, it just makes sense to move again to an accessible, developing neighborhood. And again, some people are questioning the move.

It’s gonna be all right. We know it’s a big shift. We’re well aware Dickerson Road is still evolving. But like every other part of town, it’s changing for the better and—dare we say it—gentrifying. Used car lots might still outnumber latte stands, but the area is coming around.

Easy access to I-65, Briley Parkway, East Nashville and downtown mean that you can get there from here—wherever here is. The new location is surrounded by neighborhoods, restaurants, churches and the modern staple of progress, a brewery (East Nashville Beer Works is only 2 miles away on Trinity Lane). The TriStar Skyline Medical Center is just up the street.

And of course, being across the street from the Mother Church of Hot Chicken, Prince’s, puts us in the cradle of America’s hottest (literally) culinary trend. That alone is worth a drive.

So, yes; it’s a new day, a paradigm shift. Leaving 12 South and its bachelorettes will be bittersweet, and opening the doors in a new part of town will be an adventure. But based on the past 42 years of doing business and making friends, there will always be a place in Nashville for a music store with great gear, knowledgeable staff, friendly and helpful attitude, and fair prices. 

This will work. You’ll see.


Anthony Correll

08/15/2018 at 10:47:26 AM

Of course it will work! You guys are the best in the business, and like a family to hundreds, (thousands!) of the most talented musicians in the world. This is a slam dunk.
Glad I don't have to help clean out that (those) warehouse(s) though!!

Much Love to Corner Music....

Donnie Castleman

08/16/2018 at 01:37:12 AM

I've been coming to Corner since the 80's to see Jaydee and the gang for all things bass, I've been in Vegas for 17 years now and your store is still top priority in my book. Best wishes at the new location! DC.

Dave Fowler

08/16/2018 at 09:56:29 AM

Because of Corners commitment to your customer base .. it won’t natter where you go .. we will all follow! You guys have been incredibly good to me over the years .. and that means I’ll do all business with Corner. It’s more than just a music store it’s a lifetime friendship to me. Thank you to Larry, JD, Todd, Jeff, Joel, Ray, Brent, Ronnie, Nolan and the rest of the staff! 

Byron Hill

08/16/2018 at 08:34:32 PM

You’ll still get my business!


08/18/2018 at 10:31:12 PM

Just getting to know you and wish you the best in the move. I will see you there!

-Jeff in Chattanooga 

Steve crockarell

08/19/2018 at 11:30:16 AM

Cant wait to see the new store

Nina Ricci

08/19/2018 at 09:02:56 PM

I’m happy to hear about the move! You are about the only store that sells ProPik fingerpicks anywhere nearby and now you’ll be very close to my location! You have a very nice and helpful staff, and that’s nice, too. Can’t wait 😊 

Kirk Eberhard

08/20/2018 at 07:13:08 AM

Great inventory, top brands, and the best staff in town - it doesn't matter where you are, the customer will follow. Congrats on the new location, Larry & crew!

David G.

08/22/2018 at 10:06:03 AM

In Nashville, any place worth visiting involves a drive. That’s just the way things are.

The new Location will certainly an improvement over the congested streets, crowded sidewalks, and difficult parking at the old location. Amen!

 I’m looking forward to a more spacious interior layout that the new building will provide. The old interior was “quaint” but it will be great to have room to move around.

Best wishes and much success!