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Miktek C5MP Small-Diaphragm Pencil Mics

Small Diaphragm Cardioid Pencil Condensers (Matched Pair)

Miktek CV3 - 9-Pattern Tube Condenser Mic

Classic, Large-Diaphragm Design w/ Dual 1" Capsules 

Miktek DH90 Headphones

Closed Style, Excellent Range/Fidelity

Miktek DI-1 - Active Direct Box

Affordable Active DI Box 

Miktek DI-2 - Stereo Active Direct Box

Active Stereo DI

Miktek MK300 Large-Diaphragm FET Condenser Mic

Vintage Sound, Affordably Priced

Miktek MPA-201

Miktek MPA-201 Mic Preamp

Miktek PM11 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic

Great for Kick and Low Toms, Bass Cabs — Even Acoustic Bass

Miktek PM5 Handheld Condenser Stage Microphone

Top-Grade Handheld Condenser with 1/2" Gold Diaphragm

Miktek PM9 Handheld Dynamic Stage Microphone

Supercardiod Dynamic Pattern for High Gain Before Feedback