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Danelectro guitars and basses have been around since the '50s, and the list of Dano players has included Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and many other greats. Lightweight construction, "lipstick" pickups and distinctive "quack" set them apart. Made overseas and finished in California, this newest generation of affordable Danelectros are as quality as they are quirky. We love 'em.

We go through Dano's quickly, so please call to confirm availability of models and colors.

Danelectro 59 Vintage 12-String - Vintage White

Semi-Hollow Construction, Lipstick Pickups

Danelectro '59M NOS+ (Copper)

Legendary Dano '59 w/ NOS+ Lipstick Pickups

Danelectro 59 Mod NOS+ Blue Metal Flake

Legendary Dano '59 w/ NOS+ Lipstick Pickups

Danelectro Blackout '59 - Green Envy

Lipstick Pickups, Semi-Hollow Construction

Danelectro 59 12-String Left Handed - Black

Semi-Hollow, "S" Sound Hole, Lipstick Pickups

Danelectro '56 Vintage Baritone Aqua

Tuned B-B for Plenty of Low-End Snarl


Danelectro Baby Sitar Red Crackle

Standard 6-String Tuning, Plug-n-Play: Instant Raga Master!