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Audio Technica ATM410 Vocal Microphone

Tough, Handheld Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Mic

Miktek PM11 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic

Great for Kick and Low Toms, Bass Cabs — Even Acoustic Bass

Miktek PM9 Handheld Dynamic Stage Microphone

Supercardiod Dynamic Pattern for High Gain Before Feedback

Sennheiser e935

Rugged Dynamic Cardioid, Built for the Road

Shure Beta 52A

Dynamic Supercardioid  for Bass Drums, Acoustic Bass, Bass Amps

Shure Beta 56A

Dynamic Supercardioid  for Drums, Intruments

Shure Beta 57A

Solid, Tough, Proven Instrumental Mic 

Shure Beta 58A

One of the Top-Selling Vocal Mics for Live Use

Shure SM57

Tough, Reliable Cardioid Dynamic Mic

Shure SM58

The World's Standard for Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7B

Outstanding Voiceover, Close-Vocal Mic