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TC Electronic has always built excellent pedals. Clean, quiet and rugged, TC builds big-boy gear and builds it to last. Recently they’ve changed the look and design of many of their pedals to accommodate the trend toward smaller pedalboards. Rest assured, these are still the same top-of-the-line pedals—if anything, made better. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Highly recommended.


If you don't see the TC pedal you're looking for, please give us a call.

TC Electronic Corona - Mini Chorus Pedal

Tri-Chorus and Standard Chorus Effects in a Mini-Pedal

TC Electronic Dark Matter - Distortion Pedal

Old-School, Vintage-Voiced Analog Distortion

TC Electronic Flashback - Delay and Looper

11 Popular Delay Styles and 40-Second Looper

TC Electronic Flashback Mini - Delay Pedal

Outstanding TC Delays in an Even Smaller Package

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini - Digital Reverb Pedal

Huge Hall Reverb Sounds in a Tiny Pedal

TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Pedal

Killer Vibrato Effects in a Tiny Footprint

TC Electronic Wiretap
TC Electronic Wire Tap

8-Hour Riff Recorder with Transport Controls