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Miktek C5MP Small-Diaphragm Pencil Mics

Small Diaphragm Cardioid Pencil Condensers (Matched Pair)

Miktek CV3 - 9-Pattern Tube Condenser Mic

Classic, Large-Diaphragm Design w/ Dual 1" Capsules 

Miktek PM11 Dynamic Kick Drum Mic

Great for Kick and Low Toms, Bass Cabs — Even Acoustic Bass

RØDE NT2000 Condenser Microphone

Seamlessly Variable, Dual-1" Condenser Mic

RØDE NT5 Condenser Microphone

Compact 1/2" Cardioid Condenser 'Pencil' Mic

Shure Beta 52A

Dynamic Supercardioid  for Bass Drums, Acoustic Bass, Bass Amps

Shure Beta 56A

Dynamic Supercardioid  for Drums, Intruments

Shure Beta 57A

Solid, Tough, Proven Instrumental Mic 

Shure Beta 91A

Half-Cardioid Condenser for Kick Drum, Low Freq. Instruments 


Shure Beta 98AMP

Miniature Condenser Drum Mic w/ Gooseneck and Clamp Mount 


Shure KSM42

Premium Cardioid Condenser Recording Mic w/ Capsule

Shure SM57

Tough, Reliable Cardioid Dynamic Mic

Shure SM81

Outstanding Mic for Acoustic Instruments, Overheads, Choirs